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Work in Progress

This section allows a constant communication and sharing of information among the project partners as far as the activities for the different intellectual outputs are concerned. Each project partner upload this section of a three months basis.

Partners' Institution:

UMF Iasi

Project's period (from/to):

01 October 2019 - 31 March 2022

Activity concerned:

PM - Project Management

Objectives of activities carried out:

The project management is carried out throughout the project period and ensures the correct development of the project activities and the achievements of the expected results.
It is divided into 4 main activities:
- Coordination of the activities
- Dissemination
- Exploitation
- Evaluation

Coordination of the activities
It includes:
• Planning of all the activities of the project for the 2 years project life
• Participation in and organisaiton of 4 transnational meetings of the steering committee
• Creation and update of the project website
• In progress reporting activities and delivery of yearly reports at progress and final stage
• Constant sharing of solutions and circulation of information through e-mails and skype meetings
• Check of the project state of art and of the respecting of the deadlines

Description of activities carried out:

The following activities have been carried so far:
Coordination of the activities:
- The first step on the project implementation was to have a review on the project application for understanding the content, for checking the objectives and roles of the UMF Iasi team within each intellectual output, creating the project Grant chart according to the calendar of activities, understanding the workflow and the implementation steps.
- Participation in periodic internal meetings, presenting to the team members the project, objectives, activities, results, establishing task, discussing the activities and ways to implement the project, previous experiences on the project-related activities, and on approaches for the target group, discussions on the project budget.
- Discussion on the form of the Table of Content, sharing the observations on the Table of Contents with the partners and consultation the financial management folder.
- Filling in the assessment form at the kick-off meeting and giving the feedback.
- There were selected and involve for production of IOs of: 5 university researchers/ lecturers and medical doctors with at least a B1 level of English
IO2.2. First Aid Handbook
IO2.2. Development of scientific introduction and identification of 10 sources of information for 8 areas.
There were created the modules: Cardio pulmonary resuscitation, Respiratory system and Environmental Injuries
The development of the last module and the related step by step real life scenario.

IO3. Interactive Wizard
Idetification of the 3 case scenarios for each of the module (1. General rules on how to interact with the emergency system, 2. Cardio pulmonary resuscitation, 3. Respiratory system, 4. Traumatology, 5. Poisons and poisoning, 6. Environmental injuries, 7. Nervous system disorders, 8. Chemical, Biological, Radiologic, Nuclear or Explosive Events)
IO3.3 Definition of the step by step options including final description for 9 case scenarios
IO3.4 Identification of pictures and videos for 9 case scenarios

Dissemination activities:
Involvement in dissemination activities with the aims to raise the awareness to project target group on the aims of the project.
- Participation in dissemination activities, formal or informal, national and international
- Involvement in the project portal
- Participation in transnational meetings where the project has been promoted, distribution of information and brochures
Online Meetings: 16th July 2020, 23rd October 2020, 8th April 2021.

Results Achieved:

- participation in the project kick-off meeting
- until now we have 6 dissemination activities
Internal meeting
During this periode there have been several internal meetings between the members of the project from this team. The aim was to organise the operational aspects of the project and also the administrative ones. The result: all project team members are well informed.
- 2 partners showed interest in helping us with the project: SC Casa Editoriala Demiurg SRL and SC Traduceri Urgente SRL
8 dissemination activities