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Contractual Partners

From this section it is possible to access to a description of each contractual partner of the Tiramisu project.
There are 7 contractual partners and they are based in 4 different European countries.

italy Italy

Piazza S. Ambrogio
50121 Florence
Tel: +39 055 0114380
Web Site:

Partner Description
CIPAT so far, is a consortium made up of 40 schools, including several courses of studies, with a certain predominance of hotel-management and catering schools.
The Consortium was established in 2002 thanks to the iniziative of 12 schools, that were determinated to collaborate in various fields of common interest, as specified in the Statute.
Recently (Dec. 2007) this Statute has been modified, its aims and its name completed and its institutional bodies updated.

italy Italy

Via Luigi Lanzi 12
50134 Firenze
Tel: +39 055 489700
Fax: +39 055 4628873
Web Site:

Partner Description
Pixel, is an international education and training institution with over 20 years of experience in international cooperation and project management. Pixel has a relevant expertise and a significant experience in the following areas: Direct submission and management of European projects (in the past 21 years are Pixel successfully coordinated and managed over 110 European projects). Organization of international education and training initiatives (an average of 300 participants, from all over the world, attend Pixel international courses every year). Organization of international conferences in the field of Higher Education (three of them are organized on a yearly basis and have reached their 10th edition). Pixel has developed international partnerships with over 500 organizations worldwide.

italy Italy

University of Genova
via Dodecaneso 35
16146 Genova
Tel: +39 010 2099221
Web Site:

Partner Description
The University of Genova (UNIGE) is one of the most ancient of the European large universities; with about 280 educational paths distributed in the headquarters in Genova and the learning centres of Imperia, Savona and La Spezia, it comes up to the community as a well-established reality throughout the region.

lituania Lituania

Skuodo g. 27
Kaunas 45131
Tel: +370 37 341412
Web Site:

Partner Description
KTU Vaizganto progimnazija is a middle secondary school with 476 pupils. Of those, 155 pupils in grades 1-4, 321 pupils in grades 5-8. The pupils who will be involved in the TIRAMISU project are in 7-8 grade, aged 14 years old.
The school carries out a gifted children's education programme in which especially high-skill children are identified among learners, receiving a specific education based on their skills.

poland Poland

Szkola Podstawowa nr 5 im. Janusza Kusocinskiego w Swidniku
ul. Jarzębinowa 6
21-040 Świdnik
Tel: +48 81 4688965
Web Site:

Partner Description
Szkola Podstawowa nr 5 im. Janusza Kusocinskiego w Swidniku is a primary school for students who are aged 7-16 and continue their general education. It is located in a small town of Swidnik in the east of Poland. There are 1420 students and 139 teachers in the school.

romania Romania

Fundatia EuroEd
Florilor 1C, 700513, Iasi
Tel: +40232525850
Fax: +40232525902
Web Site:

Partner Description
EuroEd Foundation came into being as an organisation in 1992, with the support of the Soros Foundation and the British Council Romania. EuroEd Foundation is a non-profit organisation located in Iasi, Romania. EuroEd it delivers educational services to all age categories and developed a series of programmes, including language courses and international training courses.

romania Romania

Uni Popa
Str. Universitatii nr. 16
700115 Iasi
Tel: +40 232 301 603
Web Site:

Partner Description
The University of Medicine and Pharmacy Grigore T. Popa was created as Faculty of Medicine – 1879. Later associated with the Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Dentistry – 1935. Named after one of the most representative professors of comparative anatomy, G.T. Popa – 1991. It comprises also the Faculty of Bioengineering – 1994.
The University assumes long-term objectives, focusing on recognition by the international community at large of its position as a world-class Advanced Research University.