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Emergencies represent uncommon situations in our daily life. For this reason, it is very important that everyone is trained to face such situations in the best possible way. The most common obstacle in the correct management of an emergency is to remain calm and mentally aware, a very difficult task for non-trained personnel.

The most important aspect everyone has to know is the correct way to activate the so-called Emergency System, which is represented by an operative centre dedicated to support rescuers in managing the situation. The Emergency system also helps to activate the correct supplies and to offer the best rescue for you and the patient(s). For example an Emergency System operator is able to activate police services, firefighters or paramedics depending on the situation you describe when calling the number for help.

In the European region, the emergency system can be reached by calling the international number 112.

Another important aspect to take into account is safety: personal safety is the first rule that every rescuer must follow. Even though it is evident that safety should be maintained in every situation, this aspect is often forgotten by both casual and professional first-aid providers. Always consider that if the rescue provider gets hurt while helping the injured, he/she would need additional help.

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