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Multiplier Event TIRAMISU project (E2)

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Date of the Conference


Place of the Conference

Iasi, Romania


The Multiplier Event gathered 30 local participants from outside the Tiramisu project partnership.

The aim of the event, concerning the involvement of target group, was to bring together staff members from the academic sector, schools, to share their experiences in working in European projects, and to transfer to the results of the Tiramisu project to extended target group.

The participants are:

18 secondary school teachers from 9 schools in Iasi and Iasi County

1 teacher from primary sector from 1 kindergarten in Iasi

1 medical trainer from an educational medical hospital

8 trainers from 4 nongovernmental organisations

2 teachers from 1 University in Iasi

The participants are working in the education sector – school education and nongovernmental education, are from both the urban and the rural area, and their registrations for participation in the Multiplier event, have been accepted based on their interest in increasing their knowledge and competences in developing Erasmus+ projects and in the usage of the Tiramisu project and the development of the first aids competences, for the school education. In this context, the Tiramisu project has been presented as an example.

The organization of the event was distributed in 5 sections:

1)Registration section

2)Presentation of the Erasmus+ Programme and the benefits the programme bring to the education sector.

3)Presentation of the Tiramisu project

4)Sharing the experience of the training activity held within the project

5) Roundtable on the importance of teachers and students to have access to training activities or permanent actions on first aid, to know  what to do in an emergency situation

The satisfaction with the project results was also expressed by the participants:

"The project is useful for teenagers because it prepares them for real-life situations, and offers the tools and information to be able to react and give support when their colleagues might be in danger. Due to the fact that young people interact in groups, they can bring new ideas into their collectivity that can be easily transferred."

"Tiramisu project is well designed, has a scaffolding approach to the topics and offers information in a user-friendly way. It is approachable both for elementary students and for high-school students and offers support for Biology teachers and not only."

"The project is really useful for all the people (not only young people) who are interested in learning how to react in medical, not extremely complex situations, which, nevertheless, may be of utmost importance before the effective intervention of the qualified, professional medical staff."

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