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Work in Progress

This section allows a constant communication and sharing of information among the project partners as far as the activities for the different intellectual outputs are concerned. Each project partner upload this section of a three months basis.

Partners' Institution:


Project's period (from/to):

01 October 2019 - 31 March 2022

Activity concerned:

PM - Project Management

Objectives of activities carried out:

The project management is carried out throughout the project period and ensures the correct development of the project activities and the achievements of the expected results.
It is divided into 5 main activities:
- Coordination of the activities
- Dissemination
- Exploitation
- Evaluation
- Research and production of intellectual works

Due to the ordinances caused by the Pandemic, the Project activities planned in presence in the Schools must be transformed online.
The extension of the Project activities envisaged in the Agreement was requested and obtained
ADDENDUM to the Convention due to Pandemic has been requested and obtained

Description of activities carried out:

Cipat took part at Kick-off meeting and organize a workgroup to read the kick-off meeting minute and to plan future activities. The workgroup took place on 5 th december 2019
Detailed activities carried out:
-reading of all deadlines and I.O. of the Project
-identification of the staff involved in the Project, with different roles according to the Project
-identification of the schools involved ( Teachers and students) in the Project's activities
-first planning of working

During the workgroup in Florence, at Cipat, the following actions have been carried out
- deadlines of the Project after kick off meeting, according with school calendar
At 29/1/2020 the following activities were concluded:
- Italian brochure production
- acquisition of associated partners:
- carrying out n. 7 disseminations
- definition of the working group's calendar of activities
- Production of observations on the "table of contents"
- Preparation of support materials for the "table of contents"
- Delivery of support materials ( resources, images, videos) for each module by the workgroup on February 20, 2020
Second Workgroup in Florence, 20 february 2020.
The workgroup has been convened to collect documents and materials about IO. 1, to choose Teachers of each school for testing activities, and to have a glance about next deadlines.
Main activities carried out:
-collection of documents about IO.1,
-check of documents before sending them to PIXEL
-ten Teachers chosen for testing activities with students:
Bruno, Belluomini, istituto GIORGI-FERMI Lucca
Vaiani Istituto MATTEOTTI Pisa
Manzuoli Istituto CALAMANDREI Sesto
Ciccarelli POLO BIANCIARDI Grosseto
Bertini, Masti, Coniglio.Cocchi, Bartolini Istituto DATINI Prato
-Teachers who will take part at meeting in IASI (RO) next july. (prof.ssa VAIANI- prof.ssa CICCARELLI)
After the COVID emergency, a meeting on line will take place on 16th july. Elena Vaiani and Marco Manzuoli will be connected representing Cipat Staff
After the interruption due to the Corona Virus, a meeting of the Working Group takes place on 29 September 2020.
The course guidelines prepared by the University Partners are acknowledged.
Observations to Scenario Cases are shared.
It was decided to start testing the Course with teachers and students.
The next meeting is set for October 16th.
Vaiani, Cocchi and Manzuoli are in charge of participating in the next project meeting scheduled for the end of October.
On 16/10/2020 the group decides the translation of the modules to allow a useful use by students and teachers
On 27/10/2020 the document on the meeting of 23/10 is discussed and the tasks are distributed:
Elena Vaiani Cardiopulmonary resuscitation mod.1 + Traumatology mod3
Marco Manzuoli Respiratory system mod 2
Claudia Ciccarelli Poison mod 4
Cristina Bartolini Enviromental injuries mod 5
Priscilla Cocchi nervous system mod 6
For translation and management
On 24/11/2020 the difficulties for the translation are examined
On 19/01/2021 the feedback is discussed with the schools (10 teachers and 40 students) and is developed over the next few days
Development and acquisition of evaluation questionnaires 18/02/2021
Meeting of the Working Group in preparation for the meeting of 8 April 2021.
Feedback activities on the newly produced modules are assigned to the various members of the Group.
Online meeting.
PM4 questionnaires are produced, relating to IO1 for teachers (10) and students (100).
Working Group Meeting.
Acquisition of feedback on the modules produced to date.
Translation preparation.
Viene assegnata la traduzione definitiva dei Moduli.
The proposals of the scenario cases from the Universities are awaited.
december 2021
Acquisition of the final version of the Modules and translation of the contents.
Acquisition of testing on handbook and evaluation report.
Translation of the contents.
Conclusion and evaluation IO2.
Translation of scenario cases.
Identification of accompanying vignettes.
Preparation of materials for final testing.
Preparation of the training activity and identification of participants.
March 2022
Various translations of the materials and the portal.
Carrying out of the training activity in Genoa with the participation of n. 3 CIPAT teachers.
final testing with n. 10 teachers and 100 students and evaluation report.
Carrying out dissemination activities.
Economic reporting activity.

All project activities were modified and affected by the restrictions due to the pandemic for much of the duration of the project.

Results Achieved:

The results of this first workgroup has been really good. Each participant, representing the different level of the staff, has been involved in the next steps of the Project. At the end of the workgroup , Cipat wrote a short report of the activities carried out.
The second workgroup has been really good, with good level of participation and production of interesting documents for IO.1.
As usually, Cipat staff prepare a short report of the activities carried out. After the meeting on line (16 th July) a short report about new deadlines and contents will be avalaible.
The working group of 29 September 2020 approves the start of the experimentation of the online course.
Development and acquisition of evaluation questionnaires of the online course 18/02/2021
to 3/6/2021
The course evaluation report is produced.
Feedback on the Forms is produced.
The translation is carried out.
March 2022
Production of IO2-IO3 evaluation and testing activities.
Dissemination and dissemination activities (23).
Acquisition of associated partners.