The Tiramisu project (2019-1-IT02-KA201-062319) has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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Work in Progress

This section allows a constant communication and sharing of information among the project partners as far as the activities for the different intellectual outputs are concerned. Each project partner upload this section of a three months basis.

Partners' Institution:

University of Genova

Project's period (from/to):

01 October 2019 - 31 March 2022

Activity concerned:

PM - Project Management

Objectives of activities carried out:

The project management is carried out throughout the project period and ensures the correct development of the project activities and the achievements of the expected results.
PM is divided into four main activities:
- Coordination of the activities
- Dissemination
- Exploitation
- Evaluation

Coordination of the activities
It includes:
• Planning of all the activities of the project for the entire project life
• Participation in the transnational meetings of the steering committee
• Website creation and update in collaboration with Pixel
• In progress reporting activities and delivery of yearly reports at progress and final stage
• Sharing information through e-mails and skype meetings
• Check of the project state of the art and of the respecting of the deadlines

It includes:
- Making the TIRAMISU portal accessible to the largest possible number of students enrolled in medical and healthcare courses, teachers, lecturers, and university staff.
- Sharing the information and the results of the TIRAMISU project with the highest number of operators in the field of education
- Sharing the information and the results of the TIRAMISU project with the highest number of citizens
- Spreading the TIRAMISU activities and results on the most popular Social Network

It aims to promote the project sustainability. The actions to be carried out are:
• Promote the Portal through the exchange links with Portals addressing similar issues (e.g. Portals providing educational materials for lecturers; portals on education etc.)
• Promote the among public authorities and key policymakers in order to gain institutional consensus and promoting the insertion of project results in policies for Education.
• Involve new members as associated partners

The aim of evaluation is to measure and ensure the quality of all the activities and of the project intellectual output. Both project partners and end-users are involved and will have to fill in ad hoc questionnaires.

Description of activities carried out:

The University of Genova (UNIGE) has implemented the following activities:
- signing the agreement between the beneficiary and UNIGE as a partner;
- distributing the responsibilities between the staff of SIMAV/UNIGE;
- taking part in the first project partnership meeting, preparing the necessary documents as required by the project coordinator;
- starting working on the involvement of schools in the project;
- presenting the TIRAMISU project to school teachers and directors.
- introducing the TIRAMISU project to school students
- discussion with the Communication Office of the Genoa University about exploitation and dissemination of the project on the UNIGE website
- publishing the TIRAMISU portal website as “news” on the SIMAV website
- uploading the reports requested on the project portal as required
- dissemination activities plan.

Results Achieved:

Internal meetings
In total, during the period there have been a series of internal meetings between people who have been involved in the project. The aim has been to plan jointly, to organise both the operational aspects of the project as well as the economic structure and to update each other in the on-going work.
Results: all people involved in the project are well informed

Information meetings and visits to key stakeholders
A large part of the communication process consists of providing information on the project at various meetings and seminars. The dissemination strategy and activities followed principles and best practices successfully tested by the partners in other projects and in line with the EC Guidelines for successful dissemination.
Results: people who participated (school teachers and deans, education policymakers and administrators, academic professor) have been very pleased and grateful for the networks and expertise exchange.

Project website
The project website is continually being updated mainly in English. SIMAV/UNIGE has incorporated a link on its organization’s website to the TIRAMISU project so that all possible visitors can have access to it. This tool is essential as the website will be reached by all target groups.

Results achieved:
- dissemination events organised
- more than 200 university students informed
- project promoted.